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When it comes to finding or mining diamonds, there is very little good information available. Geologists who search the world over for new diamond bearing kimberlite deposits are very guarded about what they know. It's all a secret. The majority of placer miners (those who do their mining in gravels and sands) are economically disadvantaged. Africa comes to mind. These miners don't have much planning or purpose in what they do. They simply go to a beach, river or stream where someone has already found a stone or two, and start digging and panning.

If you apply a little thought and perseverance, you will quickly figure out where pockets of placer diamonds are.

I have written this info package to help speed you to diamond locations.

Actually, these precious stones have already been found in our nations rivers and streams. Prospecting gold miners reported quartz-like stones trapped in black sand areas of their sluice boxes..... and threw them back in the waterway in which they were working. They didn't know a diamond from a quartz rock. Or that those small garnets in their gold pan could be indicator minerals of diamond bearing kimberlite pipes. No one had educated them on what to look for, or how to track back on waterways to the rich source of wealth these transparent stones meant.

The information in the diamond mining package covers placer mining for diamonds

diamond mining In rivers

diamond mining On high benches

diamond mining In streams

diamond mining On/in beaches

diamond mining How to find rich ancient riverbeds

diamond mining Looking in unlikely spots

diamond mining Sea diamonds

diamond mining Bedrock deposits

diamond mining Using anthills or termite mounds to quickly locate diamonds

diamond mining Using nature to your advantage

diamond mining Tube drills for samples in soft ground

diamond mining The most likely places for diamonds

diamond mining How to work river deltas

diamond mining Exploiting diamonds' gravity in clay

diamond mining Why pyrope garnets are so important

diamond mining Doing mining the easy way

diamond mining Why I get so excited when I find blue clay

diamond mining How to backtrack on a river to find rich deposits of diamonds

diamond mining Small lakes can mean kimberlite pipes

diamond mining The color spectrum of rough diamonds

diamond mining How burrowing animals diggings can show you what's under the ground, and how to use it.

This comprehensive, easy to understand guide is designed to help you quickly find quantities of placer diamonds wherever they may lie. I've been careful to cover specific areas like:

diamond mining Rivers

diamond mining River deltas

diamond mining Streams

diamond mining Beaches

diamond mining High benches

diamond mining Bedrock

These are where high concentrations of diamonds are located.

This diamond mining guide is intended for a worldwide audience. In other words, the advice and finding tips will work anywhere. I've included information on burrowing animals for two reasons: These animals are not only in the warmer regions, but also in the far North as well. And two, there is no good information available on what these burrowing animals carry to the surface.

There are two main themes that I have focused on:

Diamond mining the easy way

diamond mining The cheat method

diamond mining Simple secrets to rough diamonds

Knowledge is diamonds

diamond mining Blue clay can be very, very god

diamond mining Using nature to your advantage

diamond mining Rivers can be your highway to diamonds, if you know what to look for.

Comprehensive Diamond Mining Guide.

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Where to Find & Mine Diamonds
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