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Space diamonds which are also "Carbonado" are multi crystalline structured super diamonds that typically have impurities integrated into their matrix. The impurities are cosmic dust particles fused into the diamond sub structure when they are formed. These super diamonds are made from collapsing stars and are formed in the vacuum or better said; partial vacuum of space.

One very distinct characteristic of these black diamonds is that carbon migrates directly from a suspended gas to diamond and what makes these beauties so much better than regular single crystal diamonds is their superiority.

1) Strength - nothing beats carbonado for toughness and durability.

2) Multi crystalline structure - number 1 advantage is a complete unified structure versus a single crystal.

3) Harder than regular diamonds - There is not a huge difference but they are approximately (diamond is 10 RH whereas carbonado is approximately 10.5 RH ).

4) Insulator; semiconductor; conductor - this is where the man made version of these stones is headed.

A computer or tablet made from diamond would be close to indestructible and I haven't even touched on the optical properties yet (optical processor ).

They have superior thermal conduction to...Anything! Carbonado moves heat faster and better than anything else known to man kind and can withstand incredible heat.

I mentioned that space diamonds are formed in the partial vacuum of space. When a super nova explosion takes place in outer space, the pressures spike to an insanely high pressure and then rapidly drop into a vacuum where gasified carbon molecules migrate directly to the multi crystalline structure - diamond. In the process cosmic dust is fused into their matrix making them appear dark or black.

This type of contamination doesn't have to occur. In a lab a vacuum is created (12 - 20 inches of mercury) and a sealed chamber is heated to approximately 2700 degrees F. Then methane and hydrogen gases are introduced. With very small "seed" diamonds placed in a typical wafer form on the bottom. The carbon rich methane molecules migrate directly from a gas to diamond on the wafer form located on the bottom of the chamber. At this stage the newly formed man made carbonado is an insulator. When "chosen impurities" are added like Boron or Iridium you can make a semi conductor or conductor. This will depend on the particle density when you make your diamond substrate.

I am starting to accumulate materials to make carbonado in a lab built kiln. I hope to produce a hybrid semi conductor matching electrical, optical and carbon nano tubes in one package.

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