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The best place to find diamonds is where they have been found before. Ah... yes, but even Canada wasn't considered a diamond bearing location until 1991, when, against all odds, these precious stones were discovered. Since that first discovery, in 1991, other diamond areas have been discovered, leading to the statement “You'll never find diamonds until you look.”

The biggest undiscovered area for diamonds is in the USA. The area is ripe for a big find, but nobody looks. If I had a free hand, I would start searching rivers in the Central and Eastern U.S. I would choose that zone because of the volcanic activity under the continent. The West coast area does not have the same underlying molten mass as the Central and East coast regions . We want nature to work with you, making your diamond finding easier.

Because diamond bearing kimberlite occurred many millions of years ago, these precious carbon stones have had a long time to settle. I'll show you how to handle river deltas separately as the diamond placement is quite different than our normal central rivers and streams.

All diamonds were transported to the surface of the earth by kimberlite pipes. The kimberlite occurred as lava flows formed carrot shaped pipes as it exited the earth. The bluish kimberlite decomposed, allowing our carbon friends to wash free and form Alluvial deposits (in gravels and sands).

Because kimberlite has a blue color to it, you sometimes can find large outflows of blue clay, usually in river deltas. Africa is quite famous for its blue clay diamond deposits.

HOWEVER, there is a methodology of approach to a fast, efficient way of locating and extracting our precious stones from their soft blue prison.

I want to start you at the easiest end of the diamond finding triangle, so I'll show you what to look for in rivers first.

More information available in our "Where to Find & Mine Diamonds" info package.

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